Adjusting a Paper Drawer to Hold a Different Paper Size

If you want to load a different size paper into a paper drawer, follow the procedure described below to adjust the paper drawer guides.
When handling paper, take care not to cut your hands on the edges of the paper.
Only the paper drawers can be adjusted to hold different paper sizes.

Adjusting a Paper Drawer

Remove the paper loaded in the paper drawer.
1. Press the open button on the paper drawer for which you want to adjust the paper size.
2. Grip the handle, and pull out the paper drawer until it stops.
3. Remove all of the remaining paper.
Adjust the position of the paper drawer guides.
1. Slide the left guide while squeezing it on the top to align it with the mark for the desired paper size.
2. Slide the front guide while squeezing it on the top to align it with the mark for the desired paper size.
Slide the guides until they click into place. If the left guide and front guide are not aligned correctly, the paper size will not correctly appear on the touch panel display. It is also necessary to adjust the guides correctly to avoid causing a paper jam, dirty prints, or making the inside of the machine dirty.
Load the appropriate size paper into the paper drawer.
1. Make sure that the paper size setting of the paper drawer matches the size of the paper to load in the paper drawer.
2. Load the paper stack against the right wall of the paper drawer.
Change the paper drawer's paper size plate to match the new paper size.
1. Open the inside cover of the paper drawer, and lift up the plate.
2. Rotate the plate so that the new paper size is on the right side of the plate.
3. Insert the plate straight down, and close the inside cover.
The paper size that cannot be used depending on the model and settings is also listed on the paper size plate.
Gently push the paper drawer back into the machine until it clicks into place in the closed position.
When returning the paper drawer to its original position, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.

Loading Envelopes into the Multi-Purpose Tray

Feeding direction into the multi-purpose tray differs, depending on the type of the envelopes. Preparation is required beforehand to prevent wrinkling or paper jam. (See "Loading Envelopes into the Multi-Purpose Tray.")