Searchable PDF/XPS/OOXML

This mode enables you to perform OCR (optical character recognition) to extract data that can be recognized as text from the scanned image and create a PDF/XPS/OOXML (pptx) file that is searchable. You can also set [Compact] if you select PDF or XPS as the file format.
For information on the optional products required to use this function, see "Optional Products Required for Each Function."
Press [Scan and Send] → specify the destination → press the file format button.
Select a file format.
If you want to separate multiple images and send them as separate files, each of which consists of only one page, set [Divide into Pages] to 'On'. If you want to scan the images as a single file, turn the setting 'Off'.
If you select PDF or XPS:
If you select PowerPoint OOXML format:
If you select PDF or XPS:
Select [PDF] or [XPS] → [OCR (Text Searchable)].
If you select PowerPoint OOXML format:
Select [OOXML] → [OCR (Text Searchable)].
Press [OK].

Long strip originals (432 mm or longer) cannot be used with [OCR (Text Searchable)].
Even if you select [OCR (Text Searchable)], text may not be detected correctly in some cases. (See "If OCR (Text Searchable) Performs Inadequately.")
If you select PDF (OCR), XPS (OCR), or OOXML (OCR) as the file format, and <Smart Scan> is set to 'On' in [OCR (Text Searchable) Settings] (Settings/Registration), the orientation of the original is detected, and the document is automatically rotated if necessary before it is sent. (See "Settings for Creating Searchable PDF/XPS/OOXML.")
If you select [OCR (Text Searchable)], you can only send at a zoom ratio of [1:1 (100%)] or [Auto].
If you select PDF or XPS as the file format, you can set [Compact] and [OCR (Text Searchable)] at the same time. In that case, [PDF (Compact)] or [XPS (Compact)] is displayed as the file format on the Scan and Send Basic Features screen.