Receiving I-Fax Documents

I-Fax is a function for sending and receiving the image data of scanned originals via the Internet or an intranet. This section describes the reception method.
POP Server Reception
To receive I-fax documents that arrive via a mail server like e-mail, it is necessary to specify the POP server settings in [Communication Settings]. You can set a POP interval to automatically check reception at a specified interval. (See "Common Communication Settings for E-Mail/I-Fax.")
You can also perform manual reception by pressing [Check I-Fax RX] on the Receive job status screen. (See "Checking and Cancelling Receive Jobs.")
SMTP Reception
To receive I-fax documents that arrive directly from another machine without going via a mail server, set SMTP reception. (See "Common Communication Settings for E-Mail/I-Fax.")
I-fax documents received via SMTP are automatically printed.

If colour image files are attached to an I-fax document, you cannot receive the I-fax document. In this case, Error Code #821 appears on the details screen of the job log in the Status Monitor/Cancel screen, and is in included in various reports such as the Management Report. (See "List of Error Codes without Messages.")
If image files attached to received I-fax documents are not compatible with this machine, the machine does not process (print, forward, or store) these files. The files are deleted instead. In this case, the names of the deleted files and the message <No programs can process the file attachment.> are printed with the text of the received I-fax.
If a received I-fax document contains a TIFF file attachment but no e-mail message, the sender name and subject of the e-mail (each up to 24 characters) are printed as the header of the TIFF image.