Remote UI

The Remote UI allows you to manage the printer using a Web browser.
<Features of the Remote UI>
No specific software is needed.
You can operate the Remote UI in a Web browser. You do not need specific software to operate the Remote UI.
You can manage the printer from a remote location.
By accessing and operating the printer from the Web browser via a network, you can manage the printer using a computer in a remote location.
You can perform various operations, such as checking the current printer status or job logs and specifying various network settings in the Remote UI.
Central management of all the printer settings with the administrator password.
Only the administrator can configure the settings or perform the operations related to the printer management by setting the administrator password.
Before starting the Remote UI, see "Attention (Remote UI)."

 Starting the Remote UI

 Screen Layout of the Remote UI (Details on Each Setting Page)

 Display/Change Message Board Messages and Support Links

System Requirements of the Remote UI

Web Browser
Internet Explorer 6 or later
Netscape Navigator 6.0 or later
Operating System
An operating system on which the above Web browsers can run
Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels or more
Display colors: 256 colors or more