The following is a guide to the estimated replacement time for the consumables used in this machine. Purchase consumables at your local authorized Canon dealer. Observe safety and health precautions when storing and handling consumables (Consumables).
Depending on the installation environment, printing paper size, or document type, you may need to replace consumables before the end of the estimated lifetime.
Replacement toner cartridges are different from the supplied toner cartridges, so the yield may also differ.

Toner Cartridges

Supplied Toner Cartridges
The average yield* of the toner cartridge that comes with the machine is 1,700 sheets.
* The average yield is based on "ISO/IEC 19752" (the global standard related to "Method for the determination of toner cartridge yield for monochromatic electrophotographic printers and multi-function devices that contain printer components" issued by ISO [International Organization for Standardization]) when printing A4 size paper with the default print density setting.
Replacement Toner Cartridges
For optimum print quality, using Canon genuine toner cartridges is recommended.
Canon Genuine Toner Cartridge
Average yield of toner cartridge*
Canon Cartridge 737
2,400 sheets
When replacing toner cartridges How to Replace Toner Cartridges