User Authentication

Performs authentication management using a user name and password when printing.
Display the [Device Settings] tab.
Select [User Authentication] from [User Management] → click [Settings].
The [User Authentication Settings] Dialog Box is displayed.
When setting a password, select [Allow Password Settings] → enter a password in [Password].
To verify the device settings: click [Verify].
To confirm authentication information when printing: select [Confirm Authentication Information When Printing].
To perform authentication at the device: select [Perform Authentication at Device].
Click [OK] → click [Apply] in the [Device Settings] tab.
Click the print button in the application.
If the [Confirm User Name/Password] dialog box is displayed, confirm the content → click [OK].
Printing starts.

About this Function

Supported Printers
A printer connected to the network
Required Conditions
An account with full control permission for the printer
Installation of Canon Driver Information Assist Service (installable from the printer driver installer)
If a password is not set in the [User Authentication Settings] dialog box, enter the password when printing.
If user authentication is not performed in the [User Authentication Settings] dialog box or [Confirm User Name/Password] dialog box, refer to "Cannot Get the Printer Status or Use the Department ID Management Function or User Authentication."