[Detailed Settings for Booklet] Dialog Box

Enables you to configure settings such as gutter and displacement correction for booklet printing.
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Descriptions under [Basic Settings] Tab (Settings)
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Procedure for Booklet Printing

Descriptions of Settings

[Booklet Printing Process]
[With Application Settings]
Select this when configuring the booklet printing settings from the application.
[With Driver Settings]
Select this when using driver functions such as dividing the document into sets, gutter settings, etc.
[With Device Settings]
Select this when using the creep (displacement) correction function.
[Booklet Printing Method]
[All Pages at Once]
Prints and folds all the pages in half together.
[Divide into Sets]
Prints and folds sets of pages according to the specified number of pages.
[Book Opening]
Select this to specify the direction the booklet opens.
[Specify Booklet Gutter]
Select this when you want to set a gutter and specify a gutter width.
[Use Creep (Displacement) Correction]
Enables you to correct printing-position displacement between outer and inner pages due to the thickness of the sheets of paper. This also aligns the print area and margins of each page when the edges are cut using a trimmer.
[Displacement Correction Method]
[Apply Device Settings]
Uses the printer setting.
[Automatic Correction]
Automatically corrects displacement for each page.
[Manual Correction]
Enables you to set the displacement width of the print area between the outermost page and centermost page as a correction amount.
[Saddle Press]
Presses the pages so that they are flattened when using saddle stitching with booklet printing. You can adjust the strength of the press by setting [Saddle Press Adjustment].
If the number of pages in one set is less than 10, the pressing operation may be canceled at the printer.