Cover Settings

You can insert front and back covers. You can use paper that differs from that of the content pages, and specify which side(s) to print on.
Display the [Paper Source] tab.
Click [Front/Back Cover Settings].
The [Front/Back Cover Settings] Dialog Box is displayed.
Select the cover(s) to insert from [Cover Settings].
Specify [Paper Source] and [Print on] → click [OK].
When inserting a pre-printed cover: Load the cover in the insertion unit of the printer → select [Paper Source] → Insertion Unit.

About this Function

Required Options
Inserting pre-printed pages: Insertion unit
Functions that Cannot Be Used with this Function
[Basic Settings] or [Finishing] tab → [Finishing] → [Group] or [Rotate]
[Finishing] tab → [Fold] → [Saddle Fold]
You cannot print on paper loaded in the inserter.