Setting the User Name

You can set a user name for print jobs and a PIN/password for secured printing. The set user name is displayed on the control panel of the device, and is printed as the user name for headers or footers.


When starting the computer, log on as a member of Administrators.


Display [Devices and Printers] from the [Control Panel] of Windows.
Right-click the icon of the device you are going to set → select [Printer properties] from the displayed menu.
If you are using the driver with multiple device models, select the model you are going to set after selecting [Printer properties].
Click the [Device Settings] sheet.
Select [Set User Information] → click [Settings].
Enter the user information in [User Name] and [PIN for Secured Print]/[Password for Secured Print] → click [OK].
If you want to change the default user name setting, click [Default Value Settings] → set [Name to Set for User Name] → click [OK].
If you want to prevent changes to user names: Click [Default Value Settings] → select [Do Not Allow User Name Changes] → click [OK].
Click [Apply] in the [Device Settings] sheet.

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