[Device Settings] Sheet

You can configure device option settings and administrator settings.
Also, if confirmation of authentication information is set in [Use Department ID Management] in this sheet, a confirmation dialog box is displayed when printing.
Here, the content of the [Device Settings] sheet and the dialog box for confirming authentication information are explained.

Descriptions of Settings

[Paper Source Options]/[Number of Drawers]/[Output Options]/[Duplex Unit]
Enable the options attached to the device.
Click [Get Device Status] to acquire the device information and reflect it in the settings.
[Spooling at Host]
Sets whether processing of the print data is performed at the host (computer) or at the device. If you select [Auto], processing is performed at the device when it is possible using only the device functions, increasing the print speed.
[Use Department ID Management]
Performs print management by department ID and PIN/password.
[Settings] > [Department ID/PIN Settings]/[Department ID/Password Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to configure the detailed settings for the department ID management function.
[Set User Information]
Enables you to set a user name to be used for print jobs and the PIN used in secured printing.
[Allow Use of Secured Print]
Enables [Secured Print] as an option for [Output Method].
[Settings] > [User Information Settings] Dialog Box
[Details] > [Detailed Settings] Dialog Box
Configure detailed driver settings such as custom paper details, job names for print data, etc.
[Function] > [Device Function Settings] Dialog Box
Displays the controller function ID and function version of the device. You can also set a name for the device.
[Form to Tray Assignment] > [Form to Tray Assignment] Dialog Box
Enables you to set the paper size and paper type set in each paper source.
[Paper Source Information] > [Paper Source Information] Dialog Box
Displays information about the paper sources.
[Add-in Information]
Displays information concerning add-in modules (expanded functions) added to the driver.
[Language Settings] > [Language Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to switch the display language.
[Get Device Status]
Acquires information from the device and applies it to the following settings.
Device Option Settings ([Paper Source Options], [Number of Drawers], [Output Options], [Duplex Unit])
[Use Department ID Management]
[Paper Source Information]
Displays the version of the driver.
If you set a paper source that is not installed in the device, paper will be supplied from the device's priority paper source.
If the paper source you have specified and the paper size/type do not match, an error will occur.
If you specify the finishing functions for a device that does not have those functions, printing will be performed without those functions. For example, if you specify 2-sided printing for a device that does not support 2-sided printing, the data will be printed on one side of the paper.
If you set the department ID management function when printing for a device that does not have this function, an error will occur.

Authentication Information Confirmation Dialog Box

[Confirm Department ID/PIN]/[Confirm Department ID/Password] Dialog Box
[Department ID]
Set the department ID set at the device.
Set a PIN/password for department ID management. If a PIN/password is not set at the device, this is blank.

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