[Page Setup] Sheet

You can set the page size, print orientation, layout options, etc.
[Page Size]
Displays the paper size of the print data prepared in the application.
[Output Size]
Specifies the actual paper size to be printed on. If you select a size that differs from [Page Size], the print data is enlarged or reduced to fit the set page size when printing.
Specifies the number of copies to be printed.
Specifies the orientation of print data.
[Page Layout]
Specifies how many pages to print on each sheet of paper.
[Poster Details] > [Poster Details] Dialog Box
Enables you to set detailed settings when printing a poster.
[Page Order]
Specifies the page order to print.
[Manual Scaling]
Specifies an enlargement or reduction ratio for printing.
[Use 1 on 1 for Single-Page Data]
When printing multiple pages on each sheet, prints single page data over one sheet.
[Paper Type]
Specifies the paper to print on by paper type.
Superimposes and prints semi-transparent characters such as [TOP SECRET] or [DRAFT] over print data.
[Edit Watermark] > [Edit Watermark] Dialog Box
Enables you to create and add a new watermark.
[Custom Paper Size] > [Custom Paper Size Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to register a desired paper size and use it for printing. Papers with a red dot () next to them are standard paper sizes and cannot be edited or deleted.
[Page Options] > [Page Options] Dialog Box
Specifies layout options such as borders, date, page numbers, etc.
[Restore Defaults]
Returns all the settings to their default values.

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