[Department ID/PIN Settings]/[Department ID/Password Settings] Dialog Box

Enables you to set the department ID and the PIN (password).
Descriptions under [Device Settings] Tab (Settings)
Procedure for Department ID Management
Cannot Get the Printer Status or Use the Department ID Management Function or User Authentication

Descriptions of Settings

[Allow PIN Settings]/[Allow Password Settings]
Enables you to set the PIN or password in this dialog box. In a shared printer environment, deselect this item at the server if you want to disable PIN or password settings at the client computers.
Required condition: An account with full control permission for the printer
[Department ID]
Enter the department ID (up to 7 characters) set at the printer.
Enter a PIN or password of up to 7 numbers. If the PIN or password has not been set at the printer, leave this box blank.
Verifies whether the entered department ID and PIN/password match those set at the printer.
[Confirm Department ID/PIN When Printing]/[Confirm Department ID/Password When Printing]
Displays a dialog box for confirming the department ID and the PIN/password when printing.
[Authenticate Department ID/PIN at Device]/[Authenticate Department ID/Password at Device]
Performs authentication of the department ID and PIN/password at the device.
[Do Not Use Department ID Management When B&W Printing]
Enables you to print grayscale documents without applying department ID management.
Required conditions:
[Allow Black Printer Jobs]/[Allow Black & White Printer Jobs] is set to [On] on the printer control panel
[Black and White] is selected from [Color Mode] in the [Quality] tab