You can fold printed sheets of paper into a variety of patterns. "Saddle Fold" is a method of folding sheets in half using a saddle finisher, and can be used when a saddle finisher is installed.
Half Fold (Saddle Fold)
Double Parallel
Display the [Finishing] tab.
Select the folding type from [Fold].
Click [Fold Details] → select a pattern → click [OK].
When saddle folding, specify [Sheets per Set].

About this Function

Required Options
Paper folding unit (or document insertion/folding unit), finisher (or saddle finisher)
Required Conditions
Saddle Fold: In [Device Settings] tab → [Device Function Settings] dialog box → select [303 or later] from [Platform Version].
Functions that Cannot Be Used with this Function
[Booklet Printing] for [1-sided/2-sided/Booklet Printing] in the [Basic Settings] tab
[Booklet Printing] for [Print Style] in the [Finishing] tab
[Transparency Cover Sheets] for [Paper Selection] in the [Paper Source] tab
Folding Other than Z-fold:
[Basic Settings] or [Finishing] tab → [Finishing] → [Staple + Collate]/[Eco (Staple-Free) + Collate]/[Staple + Group]/[Eco (Staple-Free) + Group]
[Finishing] tab → [Print with Mixed Paper Sizes/Orientations]
[Finishing] tab → [Hole Punch]
Saddle Fold:
[Paper Source] tab → [Front/Back Cover Settings]
[Paper Source] tab → [Paper Selection] → [Insert Sheets] → [Insert Sheets Settings] → [Insert Sheets Settings] dialog box → [Sheets to Insert] → [Inserted Sheets]/[Chapter Pages]/[Tab Paper]
[Basic Settings]/[Finishing] tab → [Finishing] → [Off]/[Group]
[Basic Settings]/[Page Setup] tab → [Page Layout] → [Poster [1 x 2]]/[Poster [N x N]]
[Finishing] tab → [Finishing] → [Offset]
[Finishing] tab → [Paper Output]
[Finishing] tab → [Advanced Settings] → [Rotate Print Data 180 Degrees] → [On]
[Finishing] tab → [Advanced Settings] → [Face Up/Face Down] → setting other than [Printer Default]
Supported Sizes
C-fold: A4R and LetterR
Z-fold: A3, B4, A4R, 11x17, Legal, LetterR
Half Fold/Accordion Z-fold: A4R and Letter R
Double Parallel Fold: A4R, Letter R, and Legal
Saddle Fold: A4R, A3, B4, 11x17, Legal, LetterR, 12x18, SRA3, and 13x19
When stapling the output, the folding orientation for Z-fold depends on the position of the staple(s).