[Page Options] Dialog Box

Enables you to set layout options (border, date, page numbers, etc.) and configure overlay printing settings.
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[Layout Options] Tab
[Overlay] Tab
Descriptions under [Page Setup] Tab (Settings)
Procedure for Overlay Printing

Descriptions of Settings

[Layout Options] Tab

The settings are displayed in the preview.
Adds a border to each page when printing. When adding a border, the print data is reduced by the amount needed to fit the border on the page.
[Print Date], [Print User Name]/[Print Logon Name], [Print Page Number]
Adds the date, computer logon name, and page numbers to each page when printing. You can set the position where each of these is printed.
[Format Settings]
Enables you to configure font settings when printing the date, user name, logon name, and/or page numbers.
[Restore Defaults]
Returns all the settings to their standard (default) values.

[Overlay] Tab

Procedure for Overlay Printing
[Processing Method]
[Do Not Use Overlay Printing]
Performs normal printing without using the overlay function.
[Use Overlay Printing]
Prints a form file prepared beforehand together with the print data so that they overlap. Click [Get Paper Source Information] to acquire information from the printer, and select a form file stored in the printer from [File List]. If information cannot be retrieved from the printer, [File List] is not displayed. If this happens, enter the file name in [File Name].
You cannot use a form created in color when printing in black-and-white.
[Create a Form File]
Stores print data in the printer as a form file. Enter the form file name in [File Name].
The following settings must match for the form file and print data:
[Page Setup] tab → [Output Size]
[Page Setup] tab → [Orientation]
[Apply to]
When performing 2-sided printing, enables you to specify the range of overlay printing.
[Restore Defaults]
Returns all the settings to their standard (default) values.