Trouble in Other Situations

Transmissions are slow.

Are documents being sent at a high resolution?
It is recommended that you send documents containing text only in a lower resolution.

Fax transmissions are slow.

Is [ECM TX] or [ECM RX] set to 'On'?
Check the settings for [ECM TX] and [ECM RX]. (See "Enabling ECM Transmission.")
Was the original type set to [Text/Photo] when sending the document?
If the original does not contain any photos, select [Text] from [Original Type]. (See "Setting Original Type.")

Cannot use fax information services.

If your machine is connected to a rotary pulse line, is it set for tone dialing?
Set the machine for tone dialing to use fax information services. (See "Fax Information Services.")
Did you receive an instruction from the sender to set the machine to receive?
Press [Start RX]. (See "Fax Information Services.")

Documents cannot be sent overseas (error code #018).

Is a pause inserted in the fax number?
Insert a pause after the country code, or after the fax number of the recipient, and then dial the number again. (See "Entering a New Fax Number.")
Change the Long Distance setting on the Option screen if you are sending documents to destinations stored in the Address Book. (See "Checking/Editing/Deleting a Stored Address.")

Calls are not connected, or an incorrect number is dialed.

Did you hear the dial tone before entering the fax number?
Make sure that you hear the dial tone before entering the fax number. If you enter the fax number before hearing the dial tone, the call may not be connected, or an incorrect number may be dialed.