Configuring Scan Settings in ScanGear MF

ScanGear MF is a scanner driver. You can use ScanGear MF as follows.
Starting from MF Toolbox
When scanning from MF Toolbox, you can call ScanGear MF, and configure advanced scan settings. Select the [Display the Scanner Driver] check box and click [Start] in MF Toolbox to start ScanGear MF. Scanning Using MF Toolbox
For Mac OS users, available functions vary.
Starting from an application
You can use ScanGear MF to load the scanned image into Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Word, or other image-processing and word-processing applications. Select ScanGear MF from the scan commands. Scanning Using an Application
You can do the following by using ScanGear MF:
Previewing the image before scanning
Specifying the scanning area
Adjusting the detailed image quality