Implementing Robust Security Features

Authorized users may incur unanticipated losses from attacks by malicious third parties, such as sniffing, spoofing, and tampering of data as it flows over a network. To protect your important and valuable information from these attacks, the machine supports the following features to enhance security and secrecy.
TLS Encrypted Communication
TLS is a protocol for encryption for data sent over a network and is often used for communication via a Web browser or an e-mail application. TLS enables secure network communication when you access the machine from a computer via the Remote UI. Encrypting Communication of Print Data for Mobile Devices with TLS
Using Key Pairs and Digital Certificates
A key pair system uses two differing keys, one for encrypting data (public key) and one for decrypting the data (private key). Installing a key pair together with a digital certificate can prevent impersonation, falsification, eavesdropping, etc. Configuring Settings for Key Pairs and Digital Certificates