Configuring Scan Settings in Advanced Mode

If you click the [Advanced Mode] tab on the ScanGear MF screen, you can make more advanced adjustments in the image quality than you can in Simple Mode. You can also register adjusted settings as Favorite Settings. For more detailed information, click the  icon next to the topic.

Operating Preview Images

If you place the document on the platen glass and click [Preview], a preview image is displayed. You can specify the area you want to scan, and check the effects of image adjustments on the preview image.

Specifying Settings for Documents and Color Mode

Specify the document input method (the platen glass or feeder), document size, color mode, and other settings.

Specifying Resolution and Image Size

Specify the output resolution and output size.

Adjusting Image Quality

Configure settings for improving the image quality, such as correction of scratches or faded colors on a photograph. These settings are available if you select [Color] or [Grayscale] for [Color Mode] (Specifying Settings for Documents and Color Mode).

Adjusting Brightness and Color

Configure color settings such as brightness, contrast, and color tone. The displayed items vary depending on the settings selected for [Color Mode] (Specifying Settings for Documents and Color Mode). When [Text Enhanced] is selected, you cannot configure these settings.

Specifying Other Settings

Click [Preferences] to configure various settings, including the operation when scanning.

Registering Frequently Used Settings

It is troublesome to configure the color mode, image quality, or other settings each time you scan. If you register frequently used settings as Favorite Settings, you can scan simply call the registered settings when scanning.
The following settings cannot be registered in [Favorite Settings].
Widths and heights in [Input Settings] and [Output Settings]
On or off of the  button (to lock the ratio of width to height) in [Input Settings]
The magnification percentage (%) in [Output Settings]