Copying Problems

See Common Problems also.

Printing results are not satisfactory. Paper creases or curls.

When You Cannot Print Properly

Documents Are Copied In <Calendar Type> Even If <Book Type> Is Selected (or vice-versa).

For landscape oriented documents, the front and back sides of the copy will have the opposite top-bottom orientation when <Book Type> is selected. When <Calendar Type> is selected, the front and back sides of the copy will have the same top-bottom orientation.
2-Sided Copying

The Alarm Sounds or <The memory is full. Scanning will be canceled. Do you want to print?> Appears on the Screen.

Follow the onscreen instructions and solve the problem.
Split the document into smaller subsets before you make a copy.
Loading Paper

Documents Cannot Be Scanned.

Up to 100 documents can be loaded in the feeder. The 101 and subsequent documents are not scanned.

Distortion Patterns (moire) Appear On the Copies

Select <Original Type> from the Copy Mode screen, and specify to <Photo>.
Loading Paper