Scanning Problems

See Common Problems also.

Printing results are not satisfactory. Paper creases or curls.

When You Cannot Print Properly

Cannot Scan a Document.

Preparing to Use the Machine as a Scanner

The Scan is Too Slow.

If the scan is still slow, turn OFF the machine and wait for at least 10 seconds before turning it back ON.

Cannot Scan Multiple Documents to Create a Combined Multi-page PDF File.

Start ScanGear MF, access the Preferences dialog box, and clear the check box next to <Automatically Quit ScanGear after Scanning> before you perform a scan. When this check box is selected, you can only perform a scan from the platen glass.

<An error occurred.> Appears on the Operation Panel. (When Scanning from the Operation Panel)

Close the MF Toolbox and scan the document again.

During Scanning, a Computer Connected to the Machine Freezes or is Disconnected.

Quit all running applications to increase the memory usage.
Make sure that the machine has sufficient free hard disk space when scanning documents at a high resolution.
If an error occurs while scanning a specific image for Photoshop, access the <Edit> menu, select <Preferences>, and click <Memory>. Set <Memory Usage> somewhere between 50 and 60 %.
The scanner driver may not be installed properly. Uninstall the software and install it again.
MF Driver Installation Guide
Canon Fax Driver Guide

Applications Installed from the User Software CD-ROM Supplied with the Machine are Not Properly Registered in the MF Toolbox.

Applications are automatically registered to the MF Toolbox once they have been installed. They are not, however, if installed while the MF Toolbox is open. To access these applications from the toolbox, you need to manually register them to the toolbox.
Scanning Using MF Toolbox

A Different Application Opens When You Want to Scan a Document.

Register the appropriate application in the MF Toolbox.
Scanning Using MF Toolbox

Cannot Scan Highlighting Marks.

Followings are solutions for scanning the highlighting marks.
Darken the highlighted marks by adjusting the white-point.
Emphasize the highlighted marks by adjusting the tone curve settings.
Darken the highlighted marks by adjusting the brightness.
Lower the monitor gamma value.
Configuring Scan Settings in Advanced Mode

Distortion Patterns (moire) Appear On the Scanned Images

Specify <Scan Mode> of MF Toolbox to <Color (Magazine)>. If you cannot change <Scan Mode> of MF Toolbox, specify <Select Source> in the Basic Mode of ScanGear MF to <Magazine (Color/Platen Glass)>.
Configuring Scan Settings in Simple Mode
If the condition does not get improved, clear <Use Unsharp Mask> check box in the Advanced Mode of ScanGear MF.
Configuring Scan Settings in Advanced Mode