Printing Problems

See Common Problems also.

Printing results are not satisfactory. Paper creases or curls.

When You Cannot Print Properly

You cannot print.

Is a printer driver installed to your computer correctly?
MF Driver Installation Guide

Printing seems to be slow.*

Print or delete data in memory.
Printing Documents in Memory
Checking/Deleting Documents in Memory
* When the free space in memory is running low, the processing speed of the machine becomes slow, just as a computer does. There is nothing abnormal.

You cannot print with Google Cloud Print.

Using Google Cloud Print

You Cannot Print 2-sided Documents

Specify the 2-sided printing options in the printer driver.

You Cannot Print over a TCP/IP Network.

Is the printer driver properly installed on your computer?
MF Driver Installation Guide
Canon Fax Driver Guide
Is the printer port of the computer properly set up?
Configuring Printer Ports
Is the TCP/IP network properly set up?
Setting IP Addresses