External View

Multi-purpose tray

Load the paper into the multi-purpose tray when you want to temporarily use a type of paper different from that which is loaded in the paper drawer. Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray

Platen cover

Secures the originals placed on the platen glass. Placing Documents

Control panel

The control panel consists of keys such as the [Start] key and [Stop] key, a display, and status indicators. You can perform all the operations and specify settings from the control panel. Control Panel   Display

Paper drawer 1

Load the type of paper you frequently use into the paper drawer. Loading Paper in the Paper Drawer

USB port

Connect a USB cable when connecting the machine and a computer. For connection steps, see "Getting Started". Manuals Included with the Machine

Power socket

Connect the power cord.

Power switch

Turns the power ON or OFF. To restart the machine, turn OFF the machine, wait for at least 10 seconds, and turn it back ON.

Toner code

Indicates the type of genuine toner that can be used with the machine. Use toner with a code that includes the same letters as the code on the front cover of the machine.