Installation/Settings Problems

See Common Problems also.
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   Problem with the USB connection

Cannot Install the Software.

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software. If an error occurs during the installation, uninstall the software, restart your computer, and install it again.
MF Driver Installation Guide
Quit all running applications and install the software again.

The [Canon] Folder Remains in the [Start] Menu After the Software has been Uninstalled.

Uninstall the MF Toolbox first before uninstalling the MF drivers. If you uninstall the MF drivers first, the [Canon] folder may remain after the MF Toolbox has been uninstalled. Follow the steps in the procedure below to remove the folder:
For Windows Vista
Right-click the [Start] menu and select [Explore All Users]. From [Programs] in [Start] Menu, delete the [Canon] folder.
For Windows 7/8
Delete the [Canon] folder in [All Programs] under the [Start] menu.

Cannot Use the Software after Upgrading the Windows Operation System.

Uninstall the software for this machine before upgrading the operating system on your computer. Once the upgrade has been complete, reinstall the software.
MF Driver Installation Guide