Moving/Duplicating a File

You can move or copy documents saved in a temporary storage space (Mail Box) to the Job Hold saving area. For example, you can use the scanned document saved in Mail Box after moving/copying it.
You cannot move or duplicate files in the Fax/I-Fax Inbox, Advanced Box, Advanced Box of another imageRUNNER ADVANCE machine on the network, or memory media to the Hold Queue.

Moving/Duplicating a File from a Mail Box to the Hold Queue

Press <Access Stored Files>. <Main Menu> Screen
Press<Mail Box>.
Select a box and then files. Editing Files in the Mail Box
Press <Edit File> <Move/Duplicate> <Hold>.
When copying instead of moving, press <Duplicate Files>.
Press <Start Moving/Duplic.>.
The document is moved/copied to the Job Hold saving area from Mail Box, you can use it as a print job for Job Hold.

Moving/Duplicating a File from the Hold Queue to a Mail Box

Press <Hold>. <Main Menu> Screen
Select the document.
Press <Details/Edit>  <Move/Duplicate to Mail Box>.
Select the Mail Box  press <Duplicate> or <Move>.
The file in the Hold Queue is moved/duplicated to the Mail Box, and can be used as a Mail Box file.
If the job cannot be moved or duplicated to the selected Mail Box, it remains in the original Hold Queue.
If an error occurs while multiple jobs are being moved or duplicated, the number of jobs that are moved or duplicated successfully is displayed.
The name of the moved or duplicated job is the same as that of the original job. The date/time is updated to the time that the job was moved or duplicated.
Depending on the job from the printer driver, some jobs cannot be moved to the Mail Box.
If the control panel power switch is turned OFF while jobs are being moved or duplicated, only those jobs that have been processed up to the time when the power is turned OFF, are moved or duplicated successfully.
The file without the printing settings cannot be moved or copied.
You may not be able to move/copy the file which was edited on the Mail Box.