Configuring the User Settings for Google Cloud Print

Configure these settings when you want to associate users authenticated using User Authentication with Google Cloud Print jobs for management purposes. These settings are not required to use Google Cloud Print.
This section describes both the procedure when the user that uses Google Cloud Print is already registered as a user for User Authentication and the procedure when the user is not registered.

If the User Is Already Registered

When the user registers the settings

Log in to the Remote UI, and follow the procedure below to register the settings.
Start the Remote UI click [Settings/Registration]  [User Management]  [Authentication Management]  specify [E-Mail Address:] for [Google Cloud Print Information].

When the administrator registers the settings

Register the settings from user management in the Remote UI.Registering User Information in the Local Device

When the administrator registers the settings using a CSV file

E-mail addresses can also be added by editing a CSV file.Associating Google Cloud Print E-Mail Addresses with Users Using a CSV File

If the User Is Not Registered

The administrator should also specify [E-Mail Address:] for [Google Cloud Print Information] when registering the user.Registering User Information in the Local Device
If the authentication method is set to [Picture Login] and [User Registration Method:] is set to [Register Automatically When Job Is Received] (Configuring the Authentication Functions), the following information is registered as the user information for a job executed by an account called "".
Settings registered in the user database
User name:
Google Cloud Print Settings
User name: user1
Domain name:
Information displayed on the login screen for Picture Login
When printing, select "" on the control panel to log in  select <Print> (<Main Menu> Screen) execute printing.