Using the Encrypted Secured Print

Print data is encrypted before being sent to the machine, enhancing security more than the regular secured print function. To use this function, install the "Encrypted Secured Print Driver Add-in for Client PC" that comes with the optional "SD CARD-C1" kit. A document that is printed by the Encrypted Secured Print function is called an "encrypted secured document."
To install "Encrypted Secured Print Driver Add-in for Client PC"
See "Readme.txt" contained in the CD-ROM supplied with the "SD CARD-C1" kit.

Sending an Encrypted Secured Document from a Computer to the Machine

See Help. You can view Help from the printer driver.
Open the printer folder (Displaying the Printer Folder)  Right-click the icon of the machine  [Printer properties] or [Properties]  [Encrypted-P] tab  [Help]

Printing Out Encrypted Secured Documents

After you send the encrypted secured document to the machine, print it out within one hour. After that, the encrypted secured document will be deleted from the SD card and can no longer be printed.
 ()  <Encrypted Print>    Select the encrypted secured document to print    Enter the PIN using the numeric keys  
About the valid time period for encrypted secured documents
You can change the valid time period for encrypted secured documents. You can use the same changing method as for secured documents. Changing the Valid Time Period for Secured Documents
If you are using alphanumeric characters or symbols in your PIN
The Encrypted Secured Print function allows you to use alphabetic characters and symbols as well as numbers when specifying a PIN in the printer driver. However, if you use an alphabetic character or symbol in the PIN, you cannot print an encrypted secured document from the operation panel of the machine. Use [Job Status] of the Remote UI to print an encrypted document. Checking Current Status of Print Documents