Saving Received Documents into the Machine (Memory Reception)

You can store received faxes into memory of the machine, and then print them later. This feature can prevent unauthorized persons from seeing confidential documents unintentionally.

Storing Documents into Memory

To store received documents into memory, set <Use Memory Lock> to <On>. You can also specify optional settings such as a time setting that specifies a period of time during the day in which received documents are stored in memory.
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Receive/Forward>  <Common Settings>  <Set Fax/I-Fax Inbox>  <Fax Memory Lock Settings>  Select <On> in <Use Memory Lock>  Specify each setting  <Apply>  
<Report Print>
Enables you to print RX Result reports every time documents are stored into memory. To print reports, select <On>. You also need to set <RX Result Report> to <On>. RX Result Report
<Memory Lock Time>
Specify a period of time during the day in which received documents are stored in memory. If you do not set a period of time, the machine stores every document into memory when Memory Reception is turned on.

Printing Documents in Memory

To print received documents in memory, set <Use Memory Lock> to <Off>. All the documents in memory are printed.
You cannot select a specific document for printing.
If a time for the feature to deactivate has been specified, the documents are automatically printed at the specified time.
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Receive/Forward> <Common Settings> <Set Fax/I-Fax Inbox>  <Fax Memory Lock Settings>  Select <Off> in <Use Memory Lock>  <Apply>  

Checking/Forwarding/Deleting Documents in Memory

You can check an outline of each document stored in memory, including sender fax numbers and number of pages sent. You can also select and forward a document stored in memory, and delete an unnecessary document, if any.
Select <Status Monitor>.
Select <RX Job>.
In the <RX Job Status> tab, select the document you want to check/forward/delete.
Displays detailed information about the document.
To forward the document, select <Forward>, and specify the appropriate destination.
To delete the document, select <Delete> <Yes>.