<Display Settings>

All the settings related to viewing of the display are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with "*1" may not be displayed depending on the model you are using, options, or other setting items.
Settings marked with "*2" cannot be imported or exported.
Settings marked with "*3" may be unavailable or vary or have different defaults depending on your country or region.

<Default Screen After Startup/Restoration>

By default, the Home screen is displayed immediately after the machine is turned ON or when the Auto Reset function is performed. Specify the setting to change the default screen and display the main screen of a different function.
<Secure Print>
<Status Monitor>

<Home Screen Button Display Settings> *2

Configure the settings for the buttons displayed in the Home screen. You can select the settings that will be displayed as shortcut buttons, rearrange the order in which the buttons appear, and insert or remove spaces. Customizing the Home Screen
<Select Button to Display>
<Favorite Copy Settings>
<Favorite Fax Settings>*1
<Favorite Scan Settings>
<Set Display Order>

<Language> *3

Select the display language used for the display, reports, and lists.

<Remote UI Language> *3

Select the display language used for the Remote UI screens.
<Chinese (Simplified)>
<Chinese (Traditional)>

<Notify to Clean Orig. Scan Area>

Specify whether to display a message when stains are detected in the document feed scanning area.

<Millimeter/Inch Entry Switch> *3

Select the unit of measurement.

<Gram/Pound Switch> *3

Select the unit of measurement for the basis weight. This setting is available when <Select Country/Region> is set to <United States (US)>.

<Display Timing for Cart. Prep.>

Set the display timing for the message notifying you that the amount remaining in the toner cartridges is low.