Fax Basic Features Screen

Selecting <Fax> in the Home screen displays the FAX Basic Features screen that appears when you sending faxes.

<Enter Dest.> tab

Select this tab to directly enter a destination.

<Specify Destination> tab

Select this tab to search for an LDAP server, enter a coded dial, or specify a destination using the recall settings.
Basic Operations for Sending Faxes
Recalling Previously Used Settings for Sending (Recall Settings)

<TX/RX Settings> tab

Select this tab to specify the scanning settings. You can change the RX mode (Deciding Which Fax Receive Mode to Use) of the machine.

<Confirm Destination>

You can check the name and fax number of specified destinations as well as the number of specified destinations. You can also change the fax number or cancel specification of destinations.

<Address Book>

Specify destinations registered in the Address Book.


You can collectively restore the default settings.


Use this button to start faxing.