<Security Settings>

All the settings related to the authentication function and encryption are listed with descriptions. Default Settings are marked with a dagger ().

<Authentication/Password Settings>

You can reinforce the security of the authentication function.
<Authentication Function Settings>
Configure the security functions for user authentication.
When a user has failed user authentication, specify whether to disable the user from temporarily logging in to the machine (lockout). When <On> is selected, specify how many consecutive times failures are permitted before lockout is activated and also the time required before a user can log in again after lockout.
<Enable Lockout>
<Lockout Threshold>
1 to 10 (time(s))
<Lockout Period>
1 to 60 (min.)
This option is not applied to login using the department ID.

<Encryption Settings>

Configure a setting for disabling a weak encryption or the key and certification using a weak encryption.
<Prohibit Use of Weak Encrypt.>
<Prohibit Weak Encryp. Key/Cert.>