Registering the Device (Registering by Wi-Fi Direct)

You can search for and register devices to be used for scanning, printing, etc. Here, the method for registering a device using Wi-Fi Direct is explained.


The number of registered devices has not reached the upper limit.
Up to 10 devices can be registered in this app. If a total of 10 devices are registered, search devices after deleting registered devices.
The mobile terminal and device you are using support Wi-Fi Direct.
Wi-Fi Direct is enabled and started in the settings of the device you are using.
Position information is enabled in [App Settings] > [Use Wi-Fi Direct Printer].


Starting Wi-Fi Direct with Mobile Terminal

1.Open the Wi-Fi Direct screen from the Wi-Fi settings screen of mobile terminal OS, and select a device to use from among the detected Wi-Fi Direct devices.

Allowing a Connection with a Device

1.When the device received a connection request from a mobile terminal, the message indicating it is displayed on the screen of the device. In this case, operate the device to allow the connection.

Registering the Device

1.Tap [] on the top left corner of the Canon PRINT Business home screen.
[Select Printer] screen is displayed.
2.Tap [Auto Search (Wi-Fi)].
Discovered devices are displayed.
3.Select the device.
4.Confirm the device information in the displayed dialog box → tap [Add].


The device is registered in the [Select Printer] screen list.
You can also register a device from the printing [Preview] screen. Tap [Printer] in the [Preview] screen to display the [Select Printer] screen.

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