What is the Data Conversion Service?

The Data Conversion Service is a free service for use when previewing and printing certain files.
To print Microsoft Office files, you must use the Data Conversion Service.
Using the Data Conversion Service connects you to a server on the Internet that converts the data. Depending on the content of the data to be printed and the communication environment you are using, data uploading and downloading may take several minutes each.
To Check Maintenance Information
The Data Conversion Service performs a rendering process by communicating with a server over the Internet. This service is sometimes temporarily unavailable due to maintenance.
To check maintenance information, tap [] > [Information] > [About] > [Maintenance Information] in the upper right corner of the Canon PRINT Business home screen.
When using the Data Conversion Service for the first time, the Terms of Use are displayed. Read the content and if you agree, tap [Agree]. You can verify the Terms of Use by tapping [] > [Information] > [About] > [Terms of Use] from the Canon PRINT Business home screen.

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