Cannot Scan

If you cannot scan, check the following.
Is the file name set at the device single-byte letters/numbers?
If you are scanning from an imageRUNNER ADVANCE using the [Scan and Send] function, and set a file name at the device that includes double-byte characters, characters with diacritical marks, such as umlauts and/or accent marks, or certain symbols, the data cannot be correctly received in this app and a transmission failure error message will be displayed at the device.
When specifying a file name at the device, enter a file name using single-byte alphanumeric characters or single-byte symbols (ASCII characters).
Are the network settings of the device correct?
If you set [On] for [Preferences] > [Network] > [TCP/IP Settings] > [Proxy Settings] at the imageRUNNER ADVANCE device, scanning may not operate correctly. In such a case, set [Off] for it and rescan.