How to Replace the Toner Cartridges

When replacing the toner cartridge, the procedure is also displayed on the screen. Check the information displayed on the screen in addition to the following procedure.
Open the front cover.
While pressing the unlock tab on the grip (), turn the toner cartridge in the direction of the arrow (clockwise).
Pressing the unlock tab, pull out the toner cartridge.
Remove a new toner cartridge from the box.
Shake the new toner cartridge 5 or 6 times as shown below to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge.
Install the toner cartridge.
Make sure that the side of the cartridge with the label is facing up, and push the toner cartridge into the machine as far as it will go.
Support the new toner cartridge with one hand from underneath, while pushing it into the machine with the other hand.
Hold the toner cartridge in place with one hand, and then remove the protective seal by pulling it straight out with the other hand.
Pull out the seal slowly, otherwise the toner may scatter and soil your clothes or skin.
Make sure that you pull out the seal completely, otherwise print errors may occur.
Make sure that you pull the seal straight out. Pulling the seal upwards or downwards may break the seal. If the seal breaks inside the toner cartridge and cannot be removed completely, the toner cartridge cannot be used.
Throw away the seal after removing it from the toner cartridge.
Turn the toner cartridge in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise).
Turn the toner cartridge fully until it locks into place.
Close the front cover.
If you cannot close the front cover
Make sure that the toner cartridge is inserted properly. Forcing it closed may cause damage.