Replacing the Toner Cartridges

The machine will display a message when a toner cartridge is nearly empty. Note that the print quality becomes poor if you continue printing without taking any action. You can check the remaining toner level on the display.

When a Message Appear

The message that is displayed depends on the amount of remaining toner. Depending on which message is displayed, you will need to make sure that you have a replacement toner cartridge ready or replace the toner cartridge. How to Replace the Toner Cartridges   Replacement Parts
<Prepare the toner cartridge.>
This message notifies you that a toner cartridge needs to be replaced soon. Shake the toner cartridge to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge. Replace the toner cartridge if you see this message before you start to print a large job.
If this message is displayed, the incoming fax will be stored in the memory without being printed. Also, reports are not printed, even if they are set to be printed automatically.
You can continue printing when this message is displayed, but the print quality may deteriorate.
When a message is displayed
If the message is displayed when the machine is receiving a fax or automatic report output is set, received faxes and reports will be stored in the machine so that they do not appear faded after they are printed.

If Printouts Are Poor in Quality

If your printouts begin to show any of the following features, your toner cartridge is nearly empty. Replace the nearly empty toner cartridge even if no message is displayed.
White streaks appear
Partially faded
Uneven density
Toner smudges and splatters appear
Blank space of originals becomes grayish in printouts

Checking Toner Level

You can check the level of remaining toner according to the following, whenever you want to. It is recommended that you check the level before you start to print a large job.
  <Device Information>  <Toner Level>  Check the toner level

Toner Level

Displays the amount of remaining toner.
The toner level value that is displayed is an approximation, and may differ from the actual value.