Loading Paper into the Long Sheet Tray-B (Optional)

By using the Long Sheet Tray-B, you can load nonstandard sizes (210 mm x 487.8 mm to 330.2 mm x 1,300 mm). Only one sheet can be set at one time. The Stack Bypass-C and the Stack Bypass Alignment Tray-D are required to attach the Long Sheet Tray-B.
Paper which has been rolled or curled must be straightened out prior to use, to allow the paper to feed smoothly through the Long Sheet Tray-B. Some types of paper stock cannot be fed into the Long Sheet Tray-B. (See "Caution for Paper Curl.")
For information on paper that can be loaded, see "Available Paper Stock."
Be sure to correctly set the paper type. When printing on special types of paper, such as heavy paper or transparencies, be sure to correctly set the paper type, especially if you are using heavy paper. If the type of paper is not set correctly, it could adversely affect the quality of the image. Moreover, the fixing unit may become dirty and require a service repair, or the paper could jam.
Post processes such as folding and stapling are not available.
Check that the extension supply tray is attached correctly. Paper jams may occur if it is not attached correctly.
Some thick paper, depending on the paper type, may cause paper jams if several sheets are loaded into the Long Sheet Tray-B. In this case, adjust the curl correction level to the plus side. (The curl amount should be set to 5 mm or less.) (See "Curl Correction for Each Paper Drawer.")
The Long Sheet Tray-B is an optional product.
For high-quality printouts, use paper recommended by Canon.

Adjust the slide guides to match the size of the paper.
1. Loosen the 2 screws on each right and left sides.
2. Adjust the slide guides to match the paper.
Also, adjust the slide guides near the paper feeding slot.
3. Tighten the screws.
Load the paper into the Long Sheet Tray-B.
Only one sheet can be set at one time.
When loading paper into the Long Sheet Tray-B, align the paper stack evenly between the slide guides. The paper may not be fed if the slide guides are set to a position narrower than the paper, causing the paper to curl.
For information on how to select the paper type and paper size, follow the procedure from step 4 in "Loading Paper into the Stack Bypass-C."