Correcting "Print Color Mismatch"

Print color mismatch refers to a shift in the positions of colors that may occur when printing one image with multiple toner cartridges. Print color mismatch can cause printouts to appear blurry. If print color mismatch occurs, perform the following calibration procedure.
Frequent calibration may affect the lifetime of toner cartridges.
When the remaining amount of toner in cartridges is low, performing calibration may result in disruption of color balance. If this phenomenon actually occurs after calibration, it is recommended that you replace any toner cartridges of low remaining amount. Checking the Remaining Amount of Consumables
The machine performs automatic adjustment (automatic calibration) in accordance with changes in the usage condition or environmental conditions.
You can set the machine to perform this adjustment automatically after the power is turned ON. <Auto Correction Settings>
Select <Menu> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Adjustment/Maintenance> <Adjust Image Quality>.
Select <Correct Print Color Mismatch>.
Select <Start>.
The adjustment starts.