Registering Custom Paper Sizes

You can register a desired paper size and use it for printing. You can also use registered custom paper sizes to print with other devices from the computer you are using.
Display the print settings screen of the driver.
(1) Display [Bluetooth & devices] (or [Devices]) from [ Settings] in the Start menu.
(2) In [Printers & scanners], display the management screen for the device to set.
To display the management screen, click the device or click [Manage] for the corresponding device.
(3) Click [Printing preferences] for the device to set.
Display the [Page Setup] sheet.
Click [Custom Paper Size].
In the [Custom Paper Size Settings] dialog box, set [Name of Custom Paper Size], [Unit], and [Paper Size] → click [Register].
To use the custom paper selected on the [Page Setup] Sheet > [Output Size] as a regional paper size, enable [Use Some Custom Paper Sizes as Regional Paper Sizes].
Click [OK].

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