[Encrypted-P] Sheet

You can set the information required for the Encrypted Secure Print function.
A dialog box may be displayed when printing for checking the password or editing the job information, depending on the settings.
This explains the items in the [Encrypted-P] sheet and the dialog box displayed when printing.

Descriptions of Settings

Items indicated with an asterisk can only be changed by displaying the [Encrypted-P] sheet after logging on as a user with administrator privileges.
[Use Encrypted Secure Print] *
Enable this to use the Encrypted Secure Print function for printing.
[Edit Job Information When Printing] *
Enable this to edit the document name and user name when printing.
When this function is enabled, the [Edit Job Information] dialog box is displayed when printing.
The user name can be edited when changes are allowed in the driver. To edit the user name, click the "Open details" indicated below to allow the user name to be edited.
[Set Encryption Level] *
Set the encryption level.
The encryption level is automatically set according to your environment when the Encrypted Secure Print function is installed.
[Settings] [Encryption Level Settings] Dialog Box
Select the encryption level to set.
Higher encryption level numbers indicate stronger encryption.
[Set Password]
Set the default password to use for encryption.
You can also set whether to check the password when printing.
When using multiple devices, the setting values in the [Password Settings] dialog box will be the same for all devices. Different values cannot be set for each device.
[Settings] [Password Settings] Dialog Box
[Password Requirements] * [Password Requirements] Dialog Box
In order to enhance security, set the password requirements used for encryption.
You can set a minimum number of characters required for passwords and whether both letters and numbers can be included.
[About Encrypted-P]
Displays information regarding the version of the Encrypted Secure Print function you are using.

Dialog Box Displayed When Printing

[Edit Job Information] Dialog Box
Enter the name of the document to print and the name of the user executing printing. The names specified here are displayed on the device.
The number and type of characters that can be used differs according to the device. Enter the name within the range displayed next to [Document Name] or [User Name].
The user name can be edited when changes are allowed in the driver. If the user name cannot be edited, the name set in the driver is displayed in [User Name].
[Settings of Encrypted Secure Print Password] Dialog Box
Enter the password for encrypting the print data.
The following characters can be used.
0-9 a-z A-Z ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; > = < ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~ spaces
A maximum of 48 characters (15 alphanumeric characters for some devices) can be specified.
When password requirements are set in the [Encrypted-P] sheet > [Password Requirements], enter a password that meets the requirements.

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