[Profile] Sheet

You can edit, import, and export profiles. If you edit profiles on the server side in a shared printer environment, the changes are reflected in the client profiles.
Depending on the driver or device you are using, you may not be able to set some of the functions described herein.
[Profile List]
Displays registered profiles as a list. You can change the order by selecting a profile and clicking [] (Move Up) or [] (Move Down).
Profiles with a red dot () next to them are pre-registered profiles and cannot be edited or deleted.
[View Settings]
Displays the content of the selected profile as a list.
[Add]/[Edit] > [Add/Edit Profile] Dialog Box
Enables you to add a new profile or edit the settings of a user-registered profile. Set [Name] and [Icon]. Enter a comment in [Comment] if required. Switch sheets and configure relevant settings. If you want to check the current settings in a list, click [View Settings].
Enables you to edit the settings of a user-registered profile.
Deletes the selected profile.
Displays the name and comment of the selected profile. You can edit the name and comment of user-registered profiles.
Imports a profile saved as a "*.cfg" file and adds it to [Profile List].
Exports the profile selected in [Profile List] and saves it as a "*.cfg" file.
[Define Document Property]
Allows settings in the print settings screen of the driver. This function is useful when restricting usage of the print settings in client computers in a shared printer environment.

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