Functions Linked to Cloud Service

You can check the usage status of the device and the user by linking to cloud service, depending on the model of the machine you are using.

uniFLOW Online Express

By creating "tenants" in the cloud, and registering the user information and devices, you can use the following functions without building a server.
For instructions on creating and accessing a tenant, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
For details on uniFLOW Online Express, see "First Steps Guide".

"Authentication Function" That Creates a Secure Device Usage Environment

By registering users and devices to uniFLOW Online Express, you can create a secure and personalized print environment without the need for a local server. In this environment, for example, you can help prevent troubles where a user takes away prints left by someone else, or you can customize the device screen only for yourself.
The following can be performed using the authentication function of uniFLOW Online Express:
Managing the user information for the authentication function
Managing the authentication information such as ID cards and PIN codes
Switching the authentication method and authentication system*
*For administrators only

"Accounting and Reporting Function" That Enables Checking Logs and Costs

This function calculates the usage of devices registered/connected to the same tenant on uniFLOW Online Express, and then creates a report. By linking with the authentication function of uniFLOW Online Express, this function enables you to check the usage log of each user, and create cost tables for each copied/scanned page so that you can calculate/check the cost for each device.

"Simple Scan Function" That Sends Scanned Data to an E-Mail Address or in the Cloud

This function enables you to send scanned documents to your e-mail address (Scan to Myself), or directly store them in the external cloud service.
Main Specifications
Authentication Function
User registration method
Linking the Office 365TM account
Uploading in CSV format
Registering users via e-mail
Manual entry
User authentication system
Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Office 365TM integrated with Active Directory Federation Services
Active Directory in your company
Linking with external SNS services (Single Sign-On)
Authentication method
PIN code
ID card
ID card + PIN code
Accounting and Reporting Function
Report type
Usage log of each user
Usage log of each device
Copy/print/scan/fax logs of all users
Copy/print/scan/fax logs of all devices (all periods)
Copy/print/scan/fax logs of all devices (specified period)
Simple Scan Function
Send/store function
Scan to Myself (Sending an e-mail), Scan to Google Drive
File format