[Paper Source] Panel

You can set the paper type and paper source.
[Select by]
Specifies whether to set the paper to print on from a paper source or by paper type.
[Paper Source]
Select this to specify the paper to print on from a paper source. If you select [Auto], a paper source is automatically selected according to the specified output paper size.
[Paper Type]
Select this to specify the paper to print on by paper type. If [Settings] is displayed, display the dialog box for selecting the paper type, and set the paper type.
Specifies the paper type.
[Insert Sheets]
Sets whether to insert sheets, chapter pages, or tab paper between specified pages.
[Insert Sheets Settings]
Sets the type of paper to be inserted, the insertion location, etc.
[Insert Sheets Settings] Dialog
[Print on Transparencies]
Prints on transparencies.
[Insert Cover Sheets]
Inserts paper between transparencies. Select whether to specify the paper by paper source or paper type in [Select by]. If you select [Paper Type], click [Details] to select the paper type.
[Print on Cover Sheets]
Prints on the paper to be inserted.
[Front/Back Cover Settings]
Sets a front or back cover. Also specifies which side of the set paper to print on and the paper source of the paper.
[Tab Position]/[Tab Details]
Specifies [Offset Width] and offsets the print data so that it is printed on the tab portion of the paper.
[Print on the Other Side]
When manually performing two-sided printing, select this to print on the back side.
[Carbon Copy Settings]
Prints one copy each from multiple specified paper sources.
This function is convenient for printing the same data to different paper, such as printing a document for submission on high quality paper and printing a copy for storage purposes on recycled paper.
This function can be used when something other than [Auto] is set in [Paper Source].
If this function is enabled, one copy is printed from each specified paper source, regardless of the number of print copies that is set.
[Carbon Copy Settings] Dialog

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