Items Displayed on the <Home> Screen

This section describes the items displayed on the <Home> screen.

Function buttons

These buttons enable you to open the basic function screens, such as "Copy" and "Scan and Send".
When frequently used settings and destinations are registered as <Personal>/<Shared>, they are added as buttons.
When you press and hold a button, the settings related to the button appear.


This button enables you to customize and manage the <Home> screen. You can also display the menu by pressing and holding the background.
Customizing the <Home> screen enables you to change the background and button size. Management settings enable you to display/hide the timeline, etc. Customizing the <Home> Screen
You can also display <Menu> by pressing and holding the background of the <Home> screen.

<Log In>/<Log Out>

You can log in/log out by pressing this button. Logging into the Machine


You can display the <Home> screen by pressing this button.


The timeline is a convenient function for repeatedly using the same settings and destinations for the "Copy" and "Scan and Send" functions, etc. The history of settings used are automatically added to the timeline and can be pressed to recall the same settings.
The timeline displays the settings of the following functions.
Scan and Send
Scan and Store (except when saving to memory media)
The history of the last 10 jobs is retained in the timeline in chronological order. The history of earlier jobs is deleted from the timeline. When the job before last is used again, the order of the top two jobs is switched but the number of jobs in the timeline does not change. However, if the settings are changed after being recalled, they are deemed to be new settings.
To delete history that has been automatically added or store the settings of that history to the <Home> screen as a Personal button/Shared button, press and hold the history. However, <Display Confirmation Screen When Recalling> and <Start Operation for Recall (Operation starts when button is pressed.)> cannot be set when registering a Personal button/Shared button from the timeline. Registering Personal Buttons/Shared Buttons
For information on the icons and items displayed in the timeline, see Items Displayed in the Timeline.
When <Restrict Resending from Log> is set to <On>, the history of "Fax" and "Scan and Send" is not retained in the timeline.
A timeline can be displayed for each login user. A shared timeline can also be displayed for unauthenticated users, guest users, etc. Change the settings for <Allow Non-Authentication Users to Use Timeline> and <Allow Each Login User to Use Timeline> according to your needs. Customizing the <Home> Screen
The timeline for users that do not use authentication, such as unauthenticated users and guest users, is retained when <Quick Startup Settings for Main Power> is set to <On> and quick startup is performed. When the power is turned OFF with <Quick Startup Settings for Main Power> set to <Off> or quick startup could not be performed, the timeline for users that do not use authentication, such as unauthenticated users and guest users, is deleted.
The timeline of login users can be shared between multiple devices by synchronizing personalized data. List of Items That Can Be Personalized
The following passwords can be included in the timeline for each login user.
Login passwords to destination file servers for Scan and Send
Login passwords to Rights Management servers for Scan and Send
Login passwords to Rights Management servers for Scan and Store
Encryption passwords for Scan and Store (<Password Required to Open Document> and <Password Required to Change Permission>)
Digital signatures (time stamps) for Scan and Store
Whether to include the password in the timeline of the logged in user can be changed in <Prohibit Caching of Authentication Password>. However, the password in <Password> for the fax function is retained in the timeline, regardless of the <Prohibit Caching of Authentication Password> setting.
The password is not retained in the timeline for unauthenticated users or guest users regardless of the <Prohibit Caching of Authentication Password> setting. However, if the password in <Password> for the fax function is set, it is not displayed in the timeline.
If <Manage Address Book Access Numbers> is set to <On>, the send job log ("Fax" and "Scan and Send") for unauthenticated users and guest users is not displayed in the timeline.
The timeline cannot be imported/exported. Importing/Exporting the Setting Data

<Status Monitor/Cancel>

You can check the print status, fax sending/receiving status, usage history, etc. It also enables you to check the amount of remaining paper and toner, the error status, etc. Using the Touch Panel Display

Button display area

The following three types of buttons are displayed from left to right. The buttons are not displayed, if the corresponding symptom has not occurred or the corresponding setting has not been specified.
Button for removing USB memory
: Memory media removal confirmation screen
Button to the procedure for recovery/replacement/supply
: Paper jam recovery procedure screen
: Staple jam recovery procedure screen or staple cartridge replacement procedure screen
: Toner cartridge replacement procedure screen
: Waste toner container replacement procedure screen
: Staple waste/punch waste/trim waste removal procedure screen
: Replacement part replacement procedure screen
<Switch Language/Keyboard> button
: Display language/keyboard switching screen

Status display area

The status of the machine, processes that are executing, errors, etc. are displayed via messages and icons. Countermeasures for Each Message