Loading Envelopes

Make sure to flatten any curls on envelopes before loading them. Also pay attention to the orientation of envelopes and which side is face up. You cannot load envelopes in the paper drawer.
This section describes how to load envelopes in the orientation you want, as well as procedures that you need to complete before loading envelopes. For a description of the general procedure for loading envelopes in the multi-purpose tray, see Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray.

Before Loading Envelopes

Follow the procedure below to prepare the envelopes before loading.
Close the flap of each envelope.
Flatten them to release any remaining air, and make sure that the edges are pressed tightly.
Loosen any stiff corners of the envelopes and flatten any curls.
Align the edges of the envelopes on a flat surface.

In the Multi-Purpose Tray

Load the envelopes Monarch, COM10, DL, or ISO-C5 in portrait orientation (with the short edge toward the machine), with the non-glued side (front side) face up. You cannot print on the reverse side of envelopes.
Load the envelopes so that the edge with the flap is toward the left side as shown in the illustration.