Restarting the Machine

Depending on the setting items that have been changed, you may need to make the changes effective by restarting the machine. This section describes how to restart the machine.

Restarting the Machine by an Operation on the Main Unit

Press the power switch.
It may take some time for the machine to completely shut down.
When the machine shuts down, the display or Energy Saver key of the operation panel turns off.
Wait at least 10 seconds after the shutdown, then press the power switch again.
The machine starts.

Restarting the Machine by Remote Operation

Start the Remote UI and log in to System Manager Mode. Starting Remote UI
Click [Settings/Registration] on the Portal page. Remote UI Screen
Click [Restart Device] in the menu on the left side of the screen.
Check [Device Status] to make sure that no functions are being processed, and click [Execute].
Click [OK].
A restart process begins. Communication remains disconnected until the main unit has restarted.