The cleaning functions are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().

<Clean Fixing Assembly>

Clean the fixing assembly after a toner cartridge is replaced or if black streaks appear on printouts. Cleaning the Fixing Assembly

<Clean Feeder>

Clean the feeder rollers if originals become dirty after being fed through the feeder. Cleaning the Feeder

<Control Condensation>

When the temperature changes rapidly in the environment where the machine is installed, condensation occurs, which may cause fading or bleeding in images and text. Select <On> to remove dew condensation in the machine. When selecting <On>, specify whether to restrict jobs.
<Use Fax Memory Lock>
<Use Fax Memory Lock + Do Not Allow Job Printing During Process>
While condensation removal is being performed, printing may not be performed properly and blank paper may be output.
If you set to <On>, you need to keep the machine turned ON to maintain the effect of condensation removal.
If you set to <On>, the setting of Auto Shutdown Time is disabled. Powering OFF at a Fixed Time