Replacement Parts

This section describes the replacement parts used by the machine. Purchase the replacement parts from the authorized Canon dealer that you purchased the machine from. Follow the precautions when handling and storing the replacement parts.
For optimum print quality, using Canon genuine Toner, Cartridge and Parts is recommended.
For information on handling and storing the replacement parts, follow the precautions indicated in the FAQ Guide included with the machine.
You can check the current amount of replaceable parts remaining. Checking the Remaining Amount of Consumables


Toner Cartridge for Replacement

Use only toner cartridges intended for use with this machine. For high-quality printouts, when replacing the toner, we recommend using genuine Canon toner.
Model name
Genuine Canon toner
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8505 III / 8595 III / 8585 III
Contact your local authorized Canon dealer to obtain new Canon genuine toner.
Be careful of counterfeit toners
Please be aware that there are counterfeit Canon toners in the marketplace. Use of counterfeit toner may result in poor print quality or machine performance. Canon is not responsible for any malfunction, accident or damage caused by the use of counterfeit toner.
For more information, see
For information on the collection of used toner cartridges, see the FAQ Guide.

Stamp Cartridges

Stamp Ink Cartridge-C1 and tweezers (included)
The Stamp mode is available when the optional Stamp Unit-B is attached to the feeder.

Staple case for Replacement

Make sure to use the dedicated replacement staple case for this machine. Also note that the product number of the staple case to use differs according to the finisher.
Finisher name
Genuine Canon staple case
Staple Finisher-W PRO
Booklet Finisher-W PRO
Staple Finisher-X
Booklet Finisher-X
Staple Finisher-V
Booklet Finisher-V
Staple Cartridge-X1
Saddle Staples
Finisher name
Genuine Canon staple case
Booklet Finisher-W PRO
Booklet Finisher-X
Booklet Finisher-V
Staple Cartridge-Y1