Replacing the Stamp Cartridge

The stamp cartridge, which the machine uses when adding a stamp to documents to indicate that they have been scanned by the feeder, is a consumable item. When the stamp becomes blurry, replace the stamp cartridge installed in the feeder.
For information on the product number for the stamp cartridge, see Consumables.
Turn OFF the machine, and unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet.
Turning OFF the Machine
Check the machine's operation status before turning it OFF. You can turn OFF the machine while a process is active, but a problem may occur, which may cause you to lose or damage data.
Open the feeder, and then open the scanning area cover.
Open the feeder.
Pull the lever above the feeder, and open the scanning area cover.
Gently open the scanning area cover so as not to damage the platen glass.
Open the stamp cover.
Insert the stamp cartridge.
Use tweezers to remove the old stamp cartridge.
Use tweezers to insert a new stamp cartridge.
Push in the new stamp cartridge until it clicks. If the stamp surface of a stamp cartridge is protruding, it may cause a paper jam.
Close the stamp cover.
Close the scanning area cover, and then close the feeder.
Reconnect the power cord and turn ON the machine.
Turning ON the Machine