Checking the Remaining Amount of Consumables

When you press  (Status Monitor), the Status Monitor screen is displayed, allowing you to check the toner level or other status indications.
You can check the remaining amount of consumables from the Remote UI. Checking the Machine Status

Checking the Remaining Toner Level

It is recommended that you check the remaining toner level before printing a large job to determine whether or not to prepare a new toner cartridge.
Press  (Status Monitor)  <Consumables/Others>  check the remaining toner level.

Checking the Remaining Amount of Staples and Saddle Stitch Staples

It is recommended that you check the remaining amount of staples and saddle stitch staples before performing an operation which will consume a large number of staples, especially when printing a large number of booklets, in order to determine whether to prepare a new staple case.
Press  (Status Monitor)  <Consumables/Others>  Check <Remaining Staples> or <Saddle Staples>

Checking the Amount of Punch Waste

Check whether the punch waste is full, especially before punching a large number of holes.
Press  (Status Monitor)  <Consumables/Others>  <Punch Waste> / <Puncher Unit Waste>

Checking the Detailed Status of Consumables

Check the detailed status of consumables.
Press  (Status Monitor)  <Consumables/Others>  <Check Consumables>.

<Toner/Waste Toner> Screen

<Item>, <Item Name>, <Status>, and <Remaining Days> are displayed.

<Other> Screen

<Item>, <Item Name>, and <Status> are displayed.
<Remaining Days> displays the expected number of days remaining until replacement is required, based on past usage.
Even if <Needs Replacement> is displayed in <Remaining Days>, do not perform replacement until a message prompting you to replace consumables is displayed in the status display area (at the bottom of the touch panel display).
The measurement for <Remaining Days> does not complete for a while after the machine starts operation, and <1 year or more> is displayed during this time. The remaining days displayed after this time may be extremely small temporarily.