Available Functions

SMS (Service Management Service) is software that accesses the printer over the network from an existing Web browser, and can install and manage MEAP applications (called "applications" in this document). Since the software (Web server) for using SMS is embedded in the printer, there is no need for any software other than a Web browser.
If a printer on the network is connected to a computer, it can use SMS. You can perform the following operations using SMS.

You can check application information from computers on the network

You can access the printer via the network and display the status and information of installed applications.
After SMS launches and you log in by entering your password in the [Log In] page, the following top page is displayed.
[MEAP Application Management]
It can display the status of applications that are installed in the printer.
[Install MEAP Application]
Install the MEAP application.
[System Management]
MEAP system administrator settings are used for setting system application settings, displaying information and changing passwords, etc.

You can install and uninstall applications

You can install and uninstall applications that support this printer from the computer.

You can update installed applications and license files

If the license for the installed applications has expired, you can reinstall and update it.